Web Content

Web content is key for the 21st Century. It's how folks close to home and from away will find you and know about your business.

Our content focuses on your needs and business, and what will draw traffic to you. Then, we work to convert their interest into business for you.

Web Design

A web presence is crucial for your business visibility in the Adirondacks, North Country, and Vermont.

Whether you want to engage in eCommerce, or simply get the word out that you are ready for business--informing people of what you do and where you are--your well-designed website will bring people in.

Elder Care

Taking care of your family and your older loved ones is an art and craft. We can help you have those difficult conversations, as well as craft a plan for action which will be beneficial to everyone.

From the first difficult conversation to settling into new routines, we can help make sure you are secure in every decision you make.

Family Organization

We can help you manage your stuff--we've been there. Everything can have its own place, and the balance can be let go.

Sometimes you need help organizing your life, home, and possessions. We can help you simplify.


Public speaking is a powerful skill. It also gives rise to fear in many people.

We can help your presentations become more powerful and effective. We also work on reducing the fear of public speaking.

Next Steps...

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