We'll be adding items here as we go along.

What do you charge for your services?

Because of the variety of services we offer, it's impossible to give a flat rate answer. Some general pricing is as follows.

  • Web articles/marketing blog posts--$15 per 600-800 word post
  • Web site design (informational site)--$150 - $250 plus domain and registration
  • Web site maintenance--$15-$25 per month
  • Elder care advice and discussion--$20 per hour
  • Presentation advice and public speaking coaching--$25 per hour
  • Tutoring--$20 per hour
  • Travel within 30 minutes of Ticonderoga is included; travel beyond 30 minutes is billed at $10 per hour
  • House organization physical work--$15 per hour per worker

Billing is done by the minute.

Would you consider other kinds of personal services?

Yes, and the initial consultation would be free--to determine if we're a good fit for each other. Legality and morality are assumed, of course.

What are your hours?

I will respond to all emails and inquiries within 24 hours, and probably less. Phone call availability will depend on where I am--if I have no cell coverage, please leave a message. I generally won't answer the phone after 10 pm or before 530 am.