Web Content

Content is crucial for your business. We provide quality web content for Adirondack and North Country small businesses.

We work with you to determine the key words, links, and placements for your content. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) drives our practice.


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Web Design

Croft Alden helps North Country, Vermont, and Adirondack small businesses establish their web presence. We provide clean and straightforward web design and web-hosting, and build-in web content updates through the year.


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Elder Care

We can help you take the next steps in your life–or the lives of your parents–in the Adirondacks, North Country, and Vermont.

It’s a difficult set of decisions everyone needs to make, and we can help you navigate all the issues.


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Family Organization

Many folks are overwhelmed with too much stuff. We can help people who want to get everything into its place.

Whether downsizing, moving, or just wanting things to be more under control, we can help you.

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Public speaking is a valuable, life-long skill. It also makes many people afraid.

We can work with you on public speaking and presentations skills, from preparation through speaking. We also help develop presentational aids, including Powerpoints and Prezis.

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Personal Service


We focus on what is best for others–whether for their business or in their lives.

Web design and content is a speciality which many people can’t take the time to do–and we can help.

Working through personal organization–or helping your parents–is a craft which may require guidance. We can help you communicate with those around you. You’ll make better and more comfortable decisions.



Next Steps…

Please contact us for more information.  We are here to assist you.

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