Battle Scenarios

Battle scenarios are designed to cover roughly 1-3 days of time, focusing on the key part of each battle. Most of them will also be one-map scenarios. The scenario setups will be posted in the Playtesting Dropbox folder. The currently scheduled battle scenarios are

• Coral Sea Battle (West Map)
• Eastern Solomons Battle (East Map)
• Cape Esperance (Both Maps)
• Santa Cruz Battle (East Map)
• Naval Battle of Guadalcanal (both maps)

Extended Battle Scenarios

Extended Battle Scenarios allow for a greater operational flexibility for both sides, although the forces will largely be the same as the main Battle Scenario. Most are two-mappers. They will cover 5-10 days of time. Most playtesting for these will be in the Summer/Fall round.

• Coral Sea Extended Battle (Both Maps)
• Eastern Solomons Extended Battle (Both Maps)


Operational Scenarios cover roughly 10-20 days of time, and cover specific, crucial periods of time during the campaign. Logistics will be more significant in them, and each side will have greater flexibility. The Logistics cards will be in play. Playtesting takes place in the Summer/Fall round

These scenarios include:

• Coral Sea Operation (both maps) – 30 April to 12 May 1942
• Henderson Field (7 August – 30 August 1942)
• Decisive Battles (1 October – 30 October 1942)
• Apotheosis (1 November – 30 November 1942)
• Operation Ke (15 January – 10 February 1943)


Campaigns represent several months of operations. Think of these as scenario generators; each campaign will see frequently lulls because of logistical concerns. All use both maps. Playtesting is set for the Fall/Winter round.

They are:

• Watchtower (August – September 1942)
• Torpedo Junction (September – October 1942)
• Last Chances (October – November 1942)
• Grand Guadalcanal Campaign (August – January 1942)
• Japan Turns South (April – July 1942) – Hypothetical. Japan’s goal is to capture Port Moresby and establish a base on Espiritu Santo as prelude to the Fiji-Samoa operation.