The rules are, obviously basic to the game. It is my hope they cover what they need to cover, and are clear. The rules are available in the Playtesting Dropbox folder; the link is sent via email to all playtesters.

I suspect, however, there are unclear sections, wordy passages, and missing parts. And that’s our primary goal in this round of playtesting.

In addition, the examples in the rules may no longer be consistent with the rules. I’m leaving them in mainly as placeholders for now.

We also, expect, will find systems which need to be refined, expanded, or eliminated. IN addition, for play purposes, I will be producing 8.5x11 player aid cards which will include the various procedures contained within the game.

It’s my hope that you’ll find that the components and rules are consistent with each other. Each of the big chart sheets has the general process for the chart sheet on the left side.

Do be on the lookout for

a. Sections which don’t make sense.
b. Rules which are unclear.
c. Areas where you think we can say things more simply.

As you play and find mechanics which need work, focus on the mechanic, and we’ll get the rules right, unless, of course, we need to toss the mechanic.

Don’t worry right now about

a. Typos and grammar errors (although you can note them with other commentary.
b. Cross-references.

Please note that at this point I’m not inclined to change the game’s scale. I want a big map naval game with lots of search suspense (hence the plot maps). I’m also not inclined to simplify the fueling system more (although the numbers used may of course change). The game intends you to be a little on edge for fuel capacity – especially in the larger/longer scenarios. The system of Hours and Nav/Imps also are pillars of the game – having ships move every hour will prevent a lot of the feeling of movement we need.

We can, of course, look for a smoother integration of the fact that planes and ships move at different speeds.